12″ Exhaust Fan with pull cord

12″ Exhaust Fan with pull cord

Retail $100

Winning Bid: $40.00

Item condition: New


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  • Applications: this 12 Inch shuttered/exhaust fan with automatic Shutters can help replace your AC Unit by cooling your garage, Attic, greenhouse shop or chicken coop.
  • Installation: Can easily be added to a window opening or opening in the wall along with a thermostat to optimize cooling.
  • COOLIN AND GVENTILATION: This industrial grade shutter fan can solve all of your cooling and ventilation needs.
  • Rust proof aluminum Shutters: this shuttered fan is made with corrosion resistant aluminum Shutters and blades. This provides longevity to the fan and will prevent any rust from forming.
  • 115 Volts, 60W, 0. 52a, 1620Rpm, 940CFM
  • Wattage: 10

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