Neptune Super Sprayer 15 L

Neptune Super Sprayer 15 L

Used for organic compost tea. New $175

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Used for organic compost tea. New $175

Have a large job? Use our Neptune Super knapsack sprayer to easily get it done. Neptune sprayers have a 15L capacity and are designed with ergonomics in mind. You also have the ability to choose between a manual or electric pump unit.

Purposely designed for large scale gardening and agricultural cultivations such as plant nurseries, orchards and forest plantations. The Neptune is a professional device for the application of liquid agents that provide plants with protection from diseases, weeds and pests. A wide range of accessories makes it easy to customize your device.

  • 12-KWN15: Manual pump. Ergonomic Pump Lever mounts on the left or right (manual only)
  • 12-KWN15E: Comes with manufacturer’s battery and charger. Efficient Battery for 5-6 hours of normal operation (electric only)
  • *NOW AVAILABLE!* 12-KWN15E-DM: Universal outboard adapter accepts DeWalt or Milwaukee drill batteries*. A 5 amp battery will provide 9-10 hours of normal operation (*Battery NOT included)


  • Adjustable Fiberglass Lance – 24″ to 47″
  • Heavy Duty Tank guaranteed for 5 years!
  • Pressure Regulator from 1 to 3 bar (manual only)
  • Visible Fluid Strip to monitor fluid level
  • Ergonomic Harness Assembly for comfort and ease of use
  • Herbicide Shield wand attachment included
  • Multiple attachments are available for various spraying situations

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