104′ Caterpillar Tunnel

104′ Caterpillar Tunnel

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The caterpillar tunnel promotes early crop production in the spring and provides frost protection in the fall. Its polyethylene plastic cover provides great resistance to adverse weather conditions such as wind, hail, and heavy rain. Compared to other types of shelter, e.g. high tunnels, the caterpillar tunnel operating costs are very cost-effective.

The caterpillar tunnel is made in Canada. It is offered with a height of 7,58' (at the centre of the dome), a width of 14' and a length of 104'. It is covered with 6 mil single polyethylene plastic. The tunnel is equipped with loosening hooks that make it possible, when needed, to manually lift the canvas to control temperature. Each end must be closed to ensure great strength and strong wind resistance. Stiffeners are also installed at each end on both sides of the tunnel to arches strengthen the structure. The can be installed every 8', 6' or 4' depending on exposure to wind. The caterpillar tunnel comes with a complete installation guide.

Poly has been used for 3 years but still has a couple of years left.

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