Greenhouse in the Snow Greenhouse

Greenhouse in the Snow Greenhouse



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100' x 17' Greenhouse Kit - $24,000

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 2' steel frame
  • 8mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate
  • 68 x 16' pieces of tin for back wall and beds
  • Rigid insulation for back wall
  • Two doors (one inside and one outside)
  • 2 x 24" exhaust fans
  • 2 x 18" hurricane fans
  • Electrical setup with sealed plugin, breaker box, baseboard, 200' armored cable

Pricing Options:

  • $24,000 for the entire setup
  • $20,000 for just the steel frame & polycarbonate
  • $10,000 for 50' of frame & polycarbonate

Description: This 100' x 17' greenhouse kit is the perfect solution for year-round agricultural production. Designed to utilize the earth’s natural heat and moderating power, it creates an environment equivalent to USDA growing zone 10. By tapping into low-grade geothermal energy, this system significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Geothermal greenhouses are revolutionizing farming practices, promoting sustainability, and enhancing food security in Canada.

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in a sustainable and efficient greenhouse solution. Contact us for more details or to arrange a viewing.

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