Here at Kapristo Rabbitry we raise colored New Zealand, white New Zealand, and Silver Foxes. We raise rabbits for many reasons and purposes. The best is the joy of their company. We love our bunnies! 


We offer breeding pairs and trios for those interested in raising their own food. Considering raising rabbits for meat? Please check out our what you need to know here.

Ethical Meat

Rabbits are a great source of nutrition. They are a lean protein, which makes them even lower in fat than chicken, their more popular culinary cousin. They are also super high in protein.

Garden Amendments

Rabbit pellets are garden gold! Rabbit manure is the best because it’s cold and can go directly onto your garden. No need to wait like cow and horse manure.
Rabbit urine is a natural insecticide. Just dilute with water, spray on your crops, and fight pests the natural way.

Purchase Our rabbit products!

We provide only the best quality with all our products on the farm. We take pride in selecting our rabbits, caring for them, ensuring they have the healthiest lives, and that they’re treated with love at every stage. Our rabbitry is made with wire cages for an optimal clean environment possible.  


Rabbits are quiet neighbors that multiply and grow quickly.
They are great for small yards as they take up little space, and are easy to care for. 

Rabbit Meat

Ethically grown, loved and humanly harvested rabbit meat.
Lean meat high in protein, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
Not available right now 🙂


Bunny Poop

Rabbit manure contains higher proportions of nitrogen and phosphorus than many other manures and more potash than most.

rabbit meat

Our fryers are harvested at 3 months old, which averages 3.5 lb of meat. Processed rabbits come as either whole or fully butchered. The whole rabbit is a great way to make soup stock, bone broth, or a crockpot meal. Fully butchered gives you 2 hind legs, 2 front legs, and a back section.
Rabbit can be substituted for most chicken recipes. It is lean meat so follow these rules for the best results.
Cook it slow, cook on low, cover while cooking, and cook in sauce: eat and enjoy.

*Availability may be limited due to litter cycles, demand and our on-farm meat sales permit.

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