‘Russian Mammoth’ Sunflower Transplant

‘Russian Mammoth’ Sunflower Transplant

A Single Mammoth Sunflower Transplant.

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The giant of all sunflowers with tall, thick stalks supporting huge heads that tower over the garden. This single-stemmed variety is a very fast and vigorous grower, perfect for creating living walls or fences, sunflower houses, kids’ gardens, and more. Russian Mammoth heirloom sunflowers mature a little later in summer but grow to an impressive 3m (10') tall, with heavy heads that average 50cm (20") in diameter. The seeds are large, tasty, and edible, with the distinctive grey stripe seen on confectionery sunflower seeds. Just pick them, dry roast them in the oven, and add optional sea salt. You will know the seeds are mature when chickadees start clinging to the downward-pointing faces of the enormous flower heads.

3″ potted Transplant as a single, 4 pack or 6 pack

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