Rabbit Meat

Rabbit Meat

Etically raise and harvested Rabbit Meat.


Rabbit is higher in calcium, potassium, and magnesium as well, in comparison to beef and chicken. Rabbit meat also contains optimal levels of phosphorus, copper, zinc, and choline. Another advantage of rabbit meat is its comparatively low levels of sodium, making it a great choice for people with high blood pressure.

Our fryers are harvested at 3 months old. Which averages 3.5 lb of meat. Processed rabbits come as a whole. The whole rabbit is a great way to make soup stock, bone broth, or a crockpot meal.
Rabbit can be substituted for most chicken recipes. It is lean meat so follow these rules for the best results.
Cook it slow, cook on low, cover while cooking, and cook in sauce, eat and enjoy.

*Availability may be limited due to litter cycles, demand and our on-farm meat sales permit.

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