Parsley Pack

Parsley Pack

Multi-Pack of Parsley Transplants.

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Plant parsley in your organic herb garden. The plants have short, strong stems that support big clusters of highly curled, dark-green leaves. The flavor is distinctly savory without being bitter. Parsley adds a subtle, but key flavor to a host of Mediterranean dishes. It is widely used in companion PlantingĀ because its strong scent repels insects like the Asparagus Beetle. Parsley likes asparagus, carrots, chives, corn, onions, and tomatoes. The leaves can be sprinkled on asparagus to repel asparagus beetles, and around roses, to improve their scent. Let some of your parsley go to bloom to attract hover-flies and predatory wasps.

Parsley is a biennial plant that forms a long (edible) taproot. Choose deep pots for container growing.

4 pack of potted transplants
including Dark Green Italian & Forest Green Parsley

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