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After 15 years of providing the Golden community with delicious food and goodies, Kapristo Farms has opened a Ghost Kitchen. All the homemade foods, treats, and baked goods you have come to love are now available online to be delivered to your door. Choose from our weekly specials or try a subscription and receive a weekly box of goodness.


We offer a different meal every week. Ranging from homemade soups, savory pies, chilis, veggie burgers, fresh buns, and more.


A combination of baked goods and raw vegan treats. Fresh muffins, cookies, and bars are baked with flour and sugar. Some gluten-free recipes. All raw treats are vegan, mostly GF, and all yummy.

Dressings and Spreads

Glory bowl dressing always tastes better when someone else makes it, so let that someone be us! Try our homemade tomato pesto made from our farm-grown tomatoes or roasted pepper spread from our bell peppers.

Farm Meal Box subscription

We’re offering a weekly delivery that brings a box of Ready-to-eat quality homemade food and farm-raised produce right to your door. Every box will contain a different entrée, side, dressing and dessert. Produce will be included as available on the farm.
Meal box cart will be open on March 4th and will close on March 7th. Sign up for our Newsletter to be in the know!

One Week Trial

Try a trial week of one delivery so you can see exactly what it’s like before committing to a subscription.

One Month

Receive four weekly meal boxes, delivered to your door, and made just for you.

Three Months

Set it and forget if for real. Every week for three months you will receive homemade food delivered to your door.

order from our Kitchen!

We offer weekly special from our kitchen. Taking pride in excellence is at the center of everything we do. We deliver only the highest quality food with the freshest possible ingredients, guided by recipes honed over years of fine tuning.
Our selection changes every week,
sign up for our weekly newsletter to be in the know! All orders must be in by noon on Sunday and will be delivered on Thursday.


Show your love and appreciation with a muffin!
Check out what’s hot this week.


Tried, tested, and loved recipes!
Check out this week’s specials.


Salad dressing, spreads, and jams.
Check out what we have this week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

Also known as Shadow Kitchen, or Dark Kitchen. A Ghost kitchen refers to a commercial operation that cooks and sells food to be delivered to a residence, but unlike a restaurant, doesn’t have a storefront for dining or pickup.

How much is in a box?

 The default subscription is set up with portions for two people. If you have more mouths to feed in your household one week, you can upgrade your box with an add-on found in our shop.

What happens if I want to cancel?

The trial week is the best way to figure out if this is for you. No pressure, no commitment, just a delicious taste-test. Once you do commit to a subscription, that means I’ll invest time and money into ingredients, prep and delivery time, and no refunds will be issued for cancelled subscriptions.

Do I need to be home for the delivery time?

It’s best, but not a deal breaker. You can always reach out to me before the delivery day and we’ll make a different arrangement to make sure your Farm Meal Box gets to you safe and sound.

What if I have dietary concerns?

Yes, think of me as your personal chef. Any and all your dietary concerns can be included as notes when you check out your subscription, and I’m happy to make everything to accommodate you.
Please don’t hold back! You don’t need to have a sensitivity to include it. If you simple just don’t like let me know.

Can I choose which meal I receive?

No, meals are the same for all subscription holders each week, but all dietary requirements are taken into consideration. 

When are subscriptions available?

Signing up for subscriptions is available for a week every 4 weeks.
The next open cart will be from March 4th to March 7rd. The first meal box will be delivered on January 27th. If a trial box was purchased you will have until February 24th to commit to a month or three month plan.

The next subscription open cart will March 30th to March 3rd, with first delivery on April 7th.

How does payment work?

We accept PayPal, e-transfers or cash. PayPal can be used directly in the checkout, allowing you to use a credit card, debit card or your PayPal account. E-transfers need to be sent to within 24 hours of checking out. Cash payments are due at the first delivery.

What's in the box each week?

Every box will contain a ready-to-heat-and-eat entrée, a side, a dressing, and a dessert. Produce will be included as available on the farm, starting with kale and parsley for subscriptions before March of 2022. Everything comes in either reusable or compostable containers, with as little packaging as possible.

Can I try before I commit?

Yes! We offer a trial week of one delivery so you can see exactly what it’s like before committing to a subscription. The trial week can be selected in our store.

What if I need to skip a week?

You bet. It’s important to plan to receive and consume your meal boxes as scheduled, but I understand, there’s often one week that just doesn’t fit. One grace week can be skipped with any subscription (just pop me an email with adequate notice), which will bump that delivery forward to the week after your subscription would have ended.

Are all ingredients locally sourced?

Not yet, no. Building up the soil and infrastructure to provide locally grown ingredients year-round is where we’re headed, but we’re not quite at the finish line. Farm-raised ingredients are used whenever possible, but the first round of meal boxes will be a mix. This hybrid service allows community members like you to help invest in that growth, and allows me to share my kitchen skills along with my farmer skills 😉

Are meals easy to cook?

 Yes, there is no recipe to follow or any assembling involved. Meals are prepared, some will need to be re-heated, and some cooked, like the veggie burgers!

Where do you deliver?

Delivery by door is available to Golden residences. As well as, Campbell road between Mons road and Golden. Mitchell road and highway 95 North of Mitchell road.

What is the difference between weekly specials and subscriptions?

Weekly specials offer a rotating selection of à la carte products that you can order for a one-off delivery any time you’re interested.
Subscriptions are a commitment that guarantees a delivery of a meal box for a set number of weeks from a one-time order at a cost efficient price. Please note, not everything will be available each week for those ordering weekly from our specials.

How do I sign up?

Choose from the three subscription options.
Trial Week or One Month or Three Months
In the checkout you will be prompt to enter you dietary requirements, address details, and payment option. Don’t whole back with your dietary preferences!! 

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